To do or to don’t?

So I know that my grammar for the title isn’t exactly proper but I though it was amusing.

The dos and don’ts in website design are based on what is pleasing to the eye, what allows for clear accessibility, and whether it is a clean look.

The dos involve small file sizes for fast loading websites, putting the important stuff on the top portion of the website, proof reading the site for errors, the size to design for easy access and viewing, changing link colors to make them easy to see against background colors, providing alternate text for all graphics and so much more.

The don’ts involve using too many animations to avoid a busy and confusing look, designing for just one browser, using “under-construction” signs, using lots of long texts in italics, using all capitals, combining bold, capitals, and italics, using extremely small type which makes it difficult to read, confusing site visitors buy making graphics look like buttons when they aren’t, scaling down full-size images into small images as it slows down load times, and other suggestions.

The reading gives suggestions for aesthetic choices, advice about graphics, ideas about text and other general advice.

Weak website designs:

This website is weak because there are large portions of text that are in italics. There is also a red line that separates different pieces that is an awkward length.  The webpage is extremely long and requires a lot of scrolling to see the whole thing. It is also very underwhelming and has no interesting pieces.

This website has a large background that tiles awkwardly because of the extreme length of the webpage. The photos and text do not scale with the size of the window, and the use of blue text on a blue background is not a wise choice. The design has large text and is a bit too large for the page. The website includes Comic Sans which hurts my soul.


Strong website designs:

The webpage has good shape for using graphics but it is not overwhelming. The page is a good length and does not require a lot of scrolling. The website resizes well when the window changes shape and the top navigation bar changes to fit the screen size.

This website is very interactive but maintains a minimalist design. The website also resizes well with the size of the window. There is not extra text which allows for a clearer design. It has graphics but are used well. It is easy for the user to navigate.


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