The History of the Internet


History is contained within the internet and web but many people know nothing about the history of them. They do not know the difference between the internet and the web. Honestly, before I did some research, neither did I.

The Internet is networks. Its an infrastructure of connected computers. Millions of computers are part of the internet.

The Web, World Wide Web, is a way to access data from other places.

The Web is only part of the internet. The internet is used for other things, such as instant messaging and emails.

The history of the internet starts in 1960’s.

Starting in 1965, two technicians in an MIT lab, connect two computers via a dial-up phone line. One computer in Massachusetts, and the other in California.  It was the first computer network of its kind.

In 1966, it was proposed that ARPA connect its sponsored projects by a network. It would allow people within the projects and company to access information in others. The network would be called ARPAnet.

In 1967, research began to figure out how to create larger networks. A computer scientist at Washington University added that networks should be controlled by small computers, Interface Message Processors, now known as routers.

By 1983, 10% of adults had a computer in their homes, and 1.4% of adults used the internet.

In 1990, the first internet search engine, Archie, is developed. Also the browser-editor, World Wide Web, was beginning to be coded and the first website went live.

1994, the first transaction on the web occurred. A pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms, and extra cheese, was ordered from Pizza Hut.

In 2000, Google has one billion webpages in its index.

By 2007, 36% of adults use Wikipedia to find out information.

In 2014, surveys were done about what people knew about the internet and the web, only 23% of people knew that their is a difference between the two.


What I find interesting about the history of the internet is that someone saw computers and thought “Wow, these machines are amazing, but what is we could send the data they produce to one another?” The people who developed the technology to transmit data were extremely innovative.

The greatest impact of the internet is the ability to learn from information that comes from many different sources. Without the internet, we would not have many of the things we have today. Obviously this blog would not exist. Smart phones wouldn’t have the “smart” in them. Our society would not have as many new and creative things.

The world without this technology is unimaginable for me. I have always lived in a world with the internet and the web. Most of the things I do have been impacted by both the web and internet.


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